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01. You must be a member to participate. Once you have joined the community and have been approved for a claim, you will be given posting access.

02. This community is open fandom. Instead of claiming a rare pairing, character or fandom, members will be claiming a number of prompts. All fics that are posted must focus on a rare character, pairing or fandom. Please refer to the FAQs for what is considered rare.

03. For prompts, there are currently two tables with 100 prompts per table. Members may claim 25, 50 or 100 prompts.

04. When posting, all fics should be posted with an appropriate disclaimer and warnings.

05. Members may link back to their own journals or writing communities, however we ask that you link back to open journals/communities so that all members may be able to find your work and enjoy it.

06. When posting, the body of the fic must go under a lj-cut with your header being outside of the cut. If you're in need of a header, please use the following:

07. This community allows for all ratings, genres and pairings/characters. We accept het, slash and gen.

08. This community does not tolerate flaming and/or bashing of other members.

09. If you have further questions, please comment at the FAQ post.

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